Keith Hiscock

An invitation to participate in contemplation is embodied in the paintings of Keith Hiscock. Born in Victoria, B.C. Keith has been working as a professional artist for 25 years.

The Pacific Northwest has played an important role in the inspiration of his work as it is indeed a place unlike any other in the world. It's uniqueness is an integral part of the lives of it's people and is reflected in how they live. From earlier explorations into abstract art to the present day of the representational realism this self-taught artist's work displays a unique style.

His technician-like attention to detail combined with a subject matter that derives its power from its overall simplicity creates a personal participation by all who are drawn into them. Out of this seeming contradiction emerges an image that grabs one's attention, invites one into the setting and then encourages the mind to contemplate the meaning of the moment.

With a disciplined precision Keith's paintings capture not only the present, but an endless potential for discovery and interpretation.

Hiscock1-VG FINAL


  Print On Canvas 36 ¾  x 42 Price: $1200 Limited Edition of 100